All you need
is phone!

Give a song as a gift
sung and played
live “on the phone”

Give a song as a gift sung and played live “on the phone”

The aim is to warm up a moment in someone’s life, surprisingly, by having them deliver a song over the phone. Simply so.

You may have gifted watches, hats, socks, flowers, dinners … But maybe you’ve never given a song as a gift!


  • Choose who will sing on the phone
  • Choose the song from the repertoire
  • Fill out the form
  • Write a dedication
  • Done!
Only after the song is donated will you receive an email to make a free offer to support the project.

Start filling out the singers form to discover their repertoire!

how it was born

My name is Didie Caria and I am a songwriter.
I believe that music is the best tool to bring us closer to each other.

I transformed the idea of ​​the old serenades and in November 2020 I started singing on the phone. Since then I have made more than 400 phone calls where friends, children, colleagues, people who love each other have shared unique moments through music.

Songs on the phone does not have a fixed cost: it is supported by offers from whoever gives away a song.

The average donation for a call is € 20: if you have the possibility to donate more than the average, you will help us to deliver more requests for those on a small budget.

Once the song has been donated, you will receive an email with all the details


How far do the songs go?

The project develops all over the world does not put limits between nations and has open borders.

What languages are spoken?

Italian, English, French, Spanish

Can I also ask for a video call?

The recommended tool is the telephone because it allows you to whisper a song in the recipient’s ear while maintaining the intimacy of the meeting. If necessary, different delivery methods can be agreed with the artist.

Can i remain anonymous?
Calls will not be made where the donor wants to remain anonymous. Be proud to give someone a song as a gift.
How long does it take for a song to be delivered?
The songs will be delivered based on the alignment of the stars, the favorable winds and the number of requests received.

Therefore we must do: a ladder of fear, a bridge of dreams, an encounter of need.

Fernando Pessoa

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